Creating a Convivial Countertop

Assuming your troops have left the house and things are getting back to normal, you may be clearing things away. Each January I have high hopes that I will enter my minimalist phase, but it’s yet to happen. I yearn for this most in the kitchen, and yet my kitchen counters hold cutting boards, vintage clear-glass canisters (for snacks, not ingredients) and a growing number of houseplants, a passion that I adopted late. I’ve mentioned before that I love the serenity of Convivial Production’s planters, but as I looked to see what could hold my next leafy friend, I was delighted to find the local ceramic design and manufacturing company’s counter-worthy kitchenware. 

The spoon rest, salt cellar, utensil crock, oil cruet, and butter keeper (yes, a countertop butter keeper—you’ll never go back) are all available in Stoneware or Raw Stoneware, which get along very well together if you’d rather mix than match.

Minimal spoon rest, $34.
Minimal salt cellar, $38.
Minimal untensil crock, $58.
Minimal oil cruet, $86.
Minimal butter keeper, $62.


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