Classic Tiles Endure

The Savoy Grill at the 21c Museum Hotel. Photo by Aaron Leimkuehler.

The Savoy Grill reopened with much fanfare as part of the renovation in conjunction with the 21c Museum Hotel. No one, well no one smart and interesting, would complain about one more spot to take in a little art. But one of the appealing elements of the design is that the developer kept a good bit of the old tile from the original building. If you worry when choosing tile for a backsplash, wall, or floor, it is good to remember two things: tastes change and classics endure.

Left to Right: Santa Clara tile by Arto, Terrazzo by Artistic Tile, Clamor Retro Moderne in Forest Green by Tisca USA.

Walk on the Classic Side

The hallways of 21c feature an old trellis mosaic made up of brick, green and gold. While there’s no good reason to argue with mosaic, encaustic tiles, like the Santa Clara tile, are having a moment and the color palettes are delish.

There is a long stretch in the old building that is classic terrazzo. This sometimes-subtle floor makes a big impact and—like most tile—wears like iron. Get the look with Terrazzo tile.

Folks are sometimes hesitant about committing to color—especially when it comes to tile—but look how well those gorgeous green tiles have held up at the Savoy. Stop worrying about resale and please yourself. Try Clamor Retro Moderne.

All tile available by special order through
International Materials of Design, 4691 Indian Creek Pkwy.

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