A New Book Offers a Peek Into the Homes of Creative People

Left: The cover of At Home with Designers and Tastemakers. Right: Lulu Powers and her husband, Stevie, found the painting of his uncle under a bed in his grandmother’s house.

Well-known design writers Susanna Salk and Stacy Bewkes, the founder of Quintessence, a lifestyle blog, teamed up a few years ago to create the Quintessence at Home With video series on YouTube, where the pair interviews some of the leading designers and tastemakers of our day and offers a very personal account of how they live and decorate.

Salk and Bewkes have taken their passion a step further with a new book, At Home with Designers and Tastemakers: Creating Beautiful and Personal Interiors. There’s no question that the homes and photography are stunning, but what really delights is the peek into the private lives of remarkably creative people. Salk and Bewkes’s guest list includes Lulu Powers, self-proclaimed, “entertainologist,” Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, daughter of legendary California-based designer Suzanne Rheinstein and owner of KRB, a design shop on New York’s Upper East Side, and Charleston-based stylist Jill Sharp Weeks. This book is a “don’t miss” for the design aficionado and will provide hours of inspiration. I’d suggest ordering straight away.

Kate Brodsky’s extra-long sofa in the pink sunroom is great for a nap on a sunny Sunday after lunch, or for watching a movie on a rainy day.
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