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Tristian Griffin Dance Co. presents The Unexpected: Within the Red Lines

August 10 @ 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM CDT

Get ready for a mind-blowing dance experience as Tristian Griffin Dance Co. and featured Artists take you on a journey beyond the expected!


Theater Doors open at 6:30p, inviting audience members to experience the Community Vendor Expo.

Inspiring Vendors from the KC community will promote, sell, and display their services. Support BIPOC & small businesses!

About the production | THE UNEXPECTED:

Tristian Griffin Dance Company and Artists presents ‘The Unexpected: within the Red Lines’ an evening-length duet that looks closely at the narrative of a Black (African-American) man and a Brown (Latino) man whose identities are wedged between polarizing communities. They are forced into the paradox of systemic inequality barriers and expectations all the while attempting to breach beyond the “red lines”. Will they trust each other and discover support, care, and refuge in such dilemmas? Or will they remain untrusting, defensive, and violent like crabs in a bucket?

Featured artists include TGDC dancers Josue Villeda & Claude Alexander III, Vocalist Pheenix Leeor, Musician Trevor Turla, DJ BadAlaskan, and Visual Artist Wolfe Brack.

Choreography and Directing by Tristian Griffin and Dramaturg by Dr. Webster McDonald


Gem Theater
1615 East 18th Street
Kansas City, MO 64108 United States
(816) 474-8463