In Culinary News: Italian Sausage Co.

The only thing that could make the hefty Italian subs and juicy sausages from Italian Sausage Co. even better is a place to sit down inside and eat them. The popular Gladstone deli has moved two doors down from its original 500-square-foot walk-up counter space to its new 1,100-square-foot space that’s complete with indoor seating, an expanded menu, and a market and liquor license to serve cans of beer, glasses of wine, or an Aperol spritz to go with your meal. Owners Joe Jr. and Michelle Brancato opened the new space a few months ago, featuring a “family table” in the back that they have decorated to resemble their family dining room table at mom’s house. They’ve added a series of appetizers, salads, and hot sandwiches, including the classic Italian beef, Italian steak, and chicken parmesan sandwiches. Also on the menu is an authentic Philly cheesesteak made from a recipe developed by local Kansas Citian Doreen Brown, who grew up in The City of Brotherly Love. Dessert also comes straight from the East Coast. They are shipping in Italian pastries, such as cannolis, zeppoles, and sfogliatelle, from New Jersey. They also plan to add breakfast to the line-up. Luca bagels will be the base of the breakfast sandwiches made to accompany coffee drinks from the new espresso bar. 

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