Recipe: An Updated Old-School Cocktail To Enjoy National Prosecco Day

Break out the bubbly, kids! In honor of National Prosecco Day, we’ve procured an airy, but potent cocktail recipe from Adam Chase, head bartender at Verdigris in Leawood’s Park Place. Introducing the Aqua Regia—and dare we say it puts the “light” in delightful. “Aqua Regia was used by alchemists to dissolve noble metals such as gold and platinum,” says Chase. “This cocktail looks almost identical to the real thing.”

Photo credit: Aaron Leimkuehler

Verdigris’ Aqua Regia

Regia bitters:
3 parts Angostura bitters
2 part orange bitters
2 parts Italicus liqueur
1 part vanilla extract
Infuse with 1 cup of lavender Earl Grey tea for 10 minutes.

Drop a white sugar cube into the bottom of your favorite champagne glass or champagne coupe. Splash six dashes of Regia bitters onto the sugar cube. Top with five ounces of prosecco. Cut a small lemon peel and express the oils, then toss away. Enjoy!