Yoli Tortilleria Opens Westside Retail Location

After traveling (and eating) their way through Mexico, husband and wife Marissa and Mark Gencarelli realized the tortillas they found in Kansas City grocery stores weren’t up to snuff. So they decided to make their own. Since 2017, Yoli Tortilleria has crafted corn tortillas using the ancient method of nixtamalization, cooking corn with lime and grinding it using hand-carved volcanic stones before tortillas are run through an oven. Now Yoli is also making Sonoran-style flour tortillas at a new Westside retail location (1668 Jefferson St. #100), a tribute to Sonora, Mexico, where Marissa grew up. The variety is traditionally made with lard, producing a chewy, flavorful tortilla that comes in three sizes: “peque” for tacos, “quesi” for quesadillas and “burro,” which are just plain huge. Try them at the shop and at select retailers in the metro.