To Celebrate National Milk Day, Here Are Three Things You Didn’t Know About Shatto Milk Company

It’s a little-known fact that today is National Milk Day. January 11th, 1878, was the first day Alexander Campbell, owner of the New York Dairy, made the first glass-bottle milk delivery. Now, Shatto Home Delivery is keeping that tradition alive—delivering milk in glass bottles to residents all over the Kansas City metro. While you may know them as a traditional, local family-owned dairy farm, here are a few interesting nuggets you may not know about Shatto Milk Company.

3) By opting for glass bottles instead of plastic, Shatto has saved over 34 million plastic jugs from ending up in the landfill.
Call it a win-win! Turns out that when using glass over plastic, the milk stays colder (and more desirable) and unlike paper cartons or plastic, glass imparts no strange odor or flavor. Plus, glass bottles can be washed and reused.

2) Fact: 100 percent of the milk Shatto sells comes from the cows on the family farm
That’s hard to find these days. More often than not, milk travels across many states before it’s processed into its final product, thus decreasing its shelf life. With Shatto, it can go from cow to curb in as little as 24 hours (especially if it’s hand-delivered).

1) Shatto offers a whopping eight different flavors of milk.
Where else can you find cotton candy, root beer, and coffee-flavored milk? Other flavors include strawberry, chocolate, banana, cookies n’ cream, and eggnog. Of course, don’t forget the limited-edition releases, such as red velvet milk (look for that on shelves this week).

Raise a glass of your favorite milk and celebrate National Milk Day with pride. Want to know more about getting Shatto milk (and tons of other local products) delivered straight to your door? Visit

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