Rizoma Liquid Creations: KC’s First Hispanic-Owned Beer Company

Rizoma Liquid Creations, Kansas City’s first Hispanic-owned beer company, released their first beer, a light easy-drinking Latin American ale, El Sol, in September at Crane Brewing, where they are contracting to brew their new beer brand. Now, Damon Arredondo, a longtime beer brewer, and Edwing Mendez, a local designer, are looking for investors to help them open their own full-scale Latinx-focused brewery. The idea had been brewing for the last seven years. Now that it has launched, its mission is “to create quality-consistent products sustainably, justly, and equitably, while being able to use their platform to amplify voices and empower others through community engagement and storytelling.” Be looking for Rizoma Liquid Creations to host World Cup watch parties this month along with the release of their second brew, La Luna, an amber ale with a robust flavor. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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