Overland Park Farmers Market Expansion

After enduring yet another unpredictable Midwest winter, being able to again peruse a farmers market in the late-spring sun feels like an invaluable gift. And at the Overland Park Farmers Market, that gift just got a little bigger. Now in its 40th year, the market opened in mid-April with an expanded footprint, spreading from the farmers market pavilion out into the nearby parking lots and onto Marty Street. The change provides more space between stalls, plus additional parking and restrooms to make the market experience better for shoppers and vendors alike. What hasn’t changed? The top-notch vendors, including Food Life Joy, Bird’s Botanicals, and Hemme Brothers Creamery. Check them out—along with many, many more—on Saturdays, and stay tuned for the Wednesday market, which will begin on June 1.