Mickey’s Hideaway

When McCoy’s closed at the end of 2018 after more than 20 years in business, it left a hole in the heart of Westport—one Mickey’s Hideaway may just fill. Located in the same space (4057 Pennsylvania Ave.) and run by the same people, local restaurateurs James Westphal and Mark Kelpe, Mickey’s Hideaway shares much of McCoy’s DNA but with a more contemporary look and feel. Naturally, there’s still a long list of available beers bottled, canned, and on draft, along with $5 cocktails and non-alcoholic refreshers. The menu includes updated versions of some McCoy’s faves, like the mac and cheese and burgers, along with plenty of new offerings. In addition to sandwiches and big plates, like crispy pork hash, diners can enjoy a variety of Detroit-style pizzas and fruit and veggie-centric items dubbed “Dirt Candy.”

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