Housewife: A New Grandview Café and Bistro

LA-chic style meets Midwest warmth at Housewife, Anna Sorge’s new Grandview café and bistro. Sorge always wanted to open her own restaurant but worried she wasn’t qualified since she never went to culinary school. Then the owner of a fine dining establishment she managed said something that stuck with her: “How can a simple housewife like you cook better food than my executive chef?” That comment sparked a business name, and after finding the perfect space, a concept was born. Housewife offers coffee, breakfast, and lunch, including delectable croissants by pastry chef and chef de cuisine Zoey Ramberg as well as sandwiches, soups, and salads. Sorge serves as the chef, and the restaurant’s name pays tribute to her years honing her culinary skills at home feeding her family. “Being a housewife is not a negative thing,” she says. “We can actually kick some serious ass and do some incredible things.”

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