Elephant Wings Coming to the Iron District

After seven years cooking his northern Indian-inspired dishes for groups of eight to 20 in homes across Kansas City as Elephant Wings, Ameet Malhotra will open in March at the Iron District as one of a handful of new food vendors in the container park located in North Kansas City. The former Hallmark designer turned private chef was taught by his father how to cook the dishes he grew up eating in Mumbai, and now he plans to bring his most popular dishes directly to the people by dishing up his Tikka Masala poutine, cilantro shrimp salad, and Bombay-Mi sandwich—his take on a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich made with cumin chicken, coriander chutney, pickled cucumber, shredded carrots, jalapeños, cilantro, and curried aioli on a French baguette. For those wanting to book your own in-home private dinner with Elephant Wings, Malhotra still plans to offer private dinners once he has his staff trained and in place.