Drastic Measures Cocktail Bar Opens in Shawnee

Bar maestro Jay Sanders and Swordfish Tom’s owner Jill Cockson talked about collaborating for years. When Cockson was approached about a space in Shawnee (5817 Nieman Rd.), they were finally presented with a perfect opportunity, with Sanders heading up the bar program. “What I really wanted to do was create a space and create products and drinks that might be a little further out there but done with a very tempered approach—big leaps in very calculated ways is kind of the whole model of what we’re doing,” Sanders explains. At Drastic Measures, the menu features a wide variety of spirits, and almost every cocktail has a touch of citrus and spice, he says. There’s also an emphasis on responsible business practices: Drastic Measures is cash only to reduce operation costs, allowing them to pay staff a livable wage.