Bubble Tea Gets a Makeover at Bruú Café

Bubble tea gets a makeover fit for the Instagram era at Bruú Café, which launched earlier this year with delivery before opening its Country Club Plaza shop (4709 Central St.) in October. You’ll find the expected offerings at the posh café, including traditional milk teas, fruit bubble teas, and cheese macchiatos, along with some less conventional flavors like crème brulee set off with brown sugar tapioca pearls. Bruu also offers a visually dazzling assortment of ombre lattes that use rainbow-hued bubbles—the anchan strawberry latte looks like an early evening sky poured into a glass, a layer of pale pink topped with vibrant blue butterfly pea-flower tea. Drinks are available in standard cups as well as in kid-friendly sizes and bottles—have your iPhone camera at the ready.

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