Bōru Asian Eatery is Reborn in Waldo

Waldo’s Bōru Ramen Bar was reborn this fall as Bōru Asian Eatery, 500 West 75th Street, which melds some favorites from the former restaurant with a selection of new dishes inspired by a mix of Asian influences. Fans of the first iteration will recognize the bao buns, crispy Brussels sprouts salad, and three ramen bowls, joined by new additions, including Bōru kimchi fries, loaded with pork belly, sweet potato fries, fried egg, curry-lime aioli, and honey-hoisin sticky ribs. Bōru also now features a selection of rice and noodle dishes, such as the General oh Tso Good Chicken—crispy chicken thighs in a spicy garlic sauce. Add new desserts, frozen cocktails, and an interior refresh and you get a blend of the familiar and fresh worth giving a second look.

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