Apogee Coffee & Draft Coming to Olathe

Quay Coffee founder Cory Stipp’s latest project is leading him to new heights. Apogee, a café and bar that takes its name from an astronomy term denoting the point in the orbit of a heavenly body which it is farthest from the earth, is part of ROKC’s recently opened Olathe climbing facility (654 N Central St.). Guests can expect the same high-quality coffee they came to know and love at Quay, along with much more, including a bar program focused on craft beer and whiskey and a menu of pastries and breakfast burritos for a.m. guests and heartier fare like salads, sandwiches and pizza for lunch and dinner. “I just wanted it to be approachable to a person coming in to get a cup of coffee, or someone who just got done climbing and wants to grab a beer,” Stipp explains.

Editor’s Note: Apogee Coffee & Draft has delayed its opening date. Check their website for updates on their opening.

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