Foodie Find of the Week: Samba Limeade at Café Corazón

The Samba Limeade at Café Corazón in the Crossroads. Photo by Evan Pagano

The Samba Limeade’s listing on the handwritten menu at Café Corazón makes it look simple: “Sweetened condensed milk + lime.” But it’s a labor of love, says Mose the barista.

In back, they peel 16 limes, careful not to leave much of the white, and coat the peels in sugar. Then they juice the limes into the peels. Then they add that combo—the “olio”—into condensed milk and water when the time is right. The result will make people with lactose intolerance get reckless.

Take a sip. It’s a fight on the dance floor. The sour hits you early, lights you up, but never lands the haymaker; that’s because the sweet condensed milk steps between you and the sour, sweeps you away and dances a little samba with you. You know it’s the milk that will hurt down the line, but you take another sip and wait for it again. It’s worth it.

The Samba Limeade is $7 at Café Corazón and is only sold at the Crossroads location. Bring Lactaid.

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