Foodie Find of the Week IN Kansas City: Mother Earth’s 12 Days of Organic Coffee

If you drink so much coffee that you might as well take it in an IV (yes that was a Gilmore Girls reference), this week’s Foodie Find is for you.

Personally, we love a caffeine boost to help us roll out of bed and get stellar content like this to you—and that first sip of coffee is even more of a wake-up call if you can mix it up.

Mother Earth Coffee, a Parisi-owned coffee shop in Gillham Park, is doing just that with 12 Days of Organic Coffee. The advent calendar-inspired box includes 12 of Mother Earth’s top beans.

For $37 you can sample a new coffee from the calendar for 12 days and decorate your home with the cutout ornaments on the back of the box. 

The best part? Mother Earth’s coffee beans are singly sourced from family farms, small-batch roasted, and 100% organic. That means you can enjoy your coffee, while also contributing to a sustainable “Mother Earth.”