Foodie Find: Christopher Elbow’s Popping Apple Pie Collection

Photo courtesy of Christopher Elbow Chocolates

The Popping Apple Pie Collection at Christopher Elbow Chocolates comes with eight dark-chocolate bonbons, all a shined blue with patriotic colors splattered on them like art studio walls.

The texture inside might not be for everybody, but the taste-bud experience is undeniable. Crack through the chocolate casing and you’re met with an abundance of apple pâte de fruit—essentially a jam—and, mixed in, a praline made of cinnamon streusel and popping candy. It’s like an apple pie toasting champagne glasses with a cocoa bean.

If you’re not paying attention on your initial bite through, this bonbon will roll its way back to the front of your senses and force you to revel in it. That’s your cue to be present, enjoy the experience. It’s an extended little finale, and it lights off a few more fireworks on the ride home.

Don’t rush through. It would be like fast forwarding through the Fourth of July.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Get the Apple Pie Popping Collection for $26 at Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

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