Venue Restaurant Makes a One-Night Only Comeback For Charity

Long before Café Trio was Café Trio on the Plaza, another restaurant ruled the roost in that space through much of the 80s. For many Kansas City foodies, it was their first foray into contemporary American cuisine. (Read that: upscale, innovative dishes.)

The restaurant was the aptly named Venue and well before social media check-ins were the norm, it was the place to see and be seen. Now Venue is making a one-night only appearance back in the metro on February 4th and it’s all for a good cause.

Chef Linda Duerr of The Restaurant at 1900 hosts guest chef Dennis Kaniger, who will be preparing some of Venue’s most celebrated cuisine in a delicious five-course dinner to benefit Kanbe’s Markets, an organization founded by Dennis and Gabrielle Kanigers’ son, Max.

The goal? To enjoy a great meal together and learn more about Kanbe’s Markets—which is trying to tackle one of Kansas City’s major issues, lack of access to healthy and affordable foods for all residents.

A few seats remain for the evening’s festivities, but if you were a true fan of all the amazing dishes Venue brought to the table—well, this is the perfect opportunity to pop in to this pop-up restaurant.