Game on! It’s Always a “Wild Ride” at Saints Pub + Patio

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Chiefs watch parties at Saints are epic

It doesn’t matter what time of day you pop into Saints Pub + Patio, the party has already started. In fact, when Saints Pub + Patio Executive Chef Bradley Gilmore tells the staff to fling open the doors, he knows customers are in for a wild ride. “Let’s face it, we’re an upscale sports bar—a sports bar where quality comes first,” Gilmore says. “Everything we make here—we create. It’s all handcrafted in an edgy atmosphere.”

When we asked who Saints Pub clientele consists of, Gilmore chuckles. “It’s more like, who doesn’t come here? Saints Pub is universal. It’s a cross-section of local regulars, a huge number of golfers, business travelers staying at any of the nearby hotels, plenty of construction workers,” he says. “Everybody here loves the vibe. Well, except for maybe some customers who complain about the music. We just upgraded our sound system. If you want to have a quiet meeting, join us next door at Ignite Wood Fire Grill.”


The Most Accommodating Sports Bar In The Metro

Gilmore—who cut his teeth on fine-dining cuisine—says the goal for Saints was 1) have the best upscale sports-bar food in town and 2) have the best upscale sports-bar food in town. Period. Saints Pub Executive Chef Brendan “Sarge” Talbert agrees. “It’s all about good food and having a good time,” he says. “You won’t find anything bland here, I’ll make sure of that.” Sarge then unleashed some of his famous Boom-Boom Sauce upon the table—a sweet, spicy, and tangy concoction “with just the right amount of heat.” It’s easy to see why it creates a Pavlovian response with guests. (Pro tip: Apparently, one of Saint’s most popular dishes isn’t even technically offered. It’s from Talbert’s “secret special” off-menu. “Get the nachos with shrimp and Boom-Boom sauce. It will revolutionize your taste buds,” he says.)

Talbert and Gilmore are always tweaking, updating, freshening, and honing their offerings. But just because it’s in print on the menu, that doesn’t mean Talbert isn’t willing to try any weird requests you want to throw his way. “If you can think of it and want to try it, I’m game,” says Talbert. “Just give us a heads-up so if you have allergies or food aversions, I can make it work.”

Party Hearty

Stellar food aside, the bar remains ground zero for rowdy Chiefs, Royals, and NCAA watch parties. Gilmore will throw a wingding for a Wimbledon final if that’s want customers demand. “We. Have. The. Best. Chiefs. Watch. Party. In. Town.” Gilmore says dramatically—pausing between each word for added emphasis. “We decorate; we do Chiefs’ swag giveaways. The whole thing is emceed. It’s rowdy—and you’ll definitely want to get here early,” he says. Never fear though—if you’ve got a big party of guests, they’ll gladly help you out. “Let us know and we’ll save you a seat. If you want to pre-order some food, or have special decorations at your table, we’ll pull out all the stops. Heck, we’ll even Uber your butt home if that’s what it takes.”

Sarge doubles down

What flies out of the kitchen during Saint’s legendary watch parties? “Our beer cheese sauce is beyond crave-able,” Sarge says. “And our Philly Cheese Steak. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. It’s served with a steamed Amoroso bun straight from Philadelphia, onions, peppers, seasonings. It never fails me, ever.

All the ‘za

When Saints Pub + Patio Lenexa recently unleashed gourmet pizzas several weeks ago, it’s safe to say guests collectively loved it. “People are blown away. We’re putting out some kick-ass pizza,” says Gilmore. “Guests may not notice, but I’ll point out our 72-hour fermented yeast dough process. When it comes out—it’s a perfect, crunchy consistency, but still chewy.”

Talbert is fanatical about the newly introduced ‘za brigade fired up on their traditional, concrete pizza stone. “I started making pizzas when I was 15 and all the way through college. From the homemade pizza sauce to local artisan toppings to grating our own cheese, everything has been elevated,” he says. “My nickname is Sarge, but the crew also knows me as the Dough Sergeant. I won’t let anybody else make our dough.”

Newly Introduced Delivery Program

All this and more—delivered to your door!

With winter coming, Gilmore says his newly introduced City Center Eats,, online and delivery website ensures his food will get to your doorstep even when you don’t want to venture out. “It’s phenomenal grub from Ignite Wood Fire Grill and Saints Pub delivered right to your door,” Gilmore brags. “Does Dad want a steak? Does Mom want an apple salad? Do the kids want chicken fingers? We’ll have the whole experience brought to you. No fuss, no muss.”

Fun-Tastic Beverage Menu

 Open until 2 a.m. every day, it’s the perfect venue for some late-night nosh and of course, a slew of frosty adult libations. “We have 24 beers on tap, a handcrafted cocktail menu, and an extensive wine menu,” says Gilmore. “If it’s new-fangled and buzzworthy, we’ll feature it.” Case in point, a wickedly popular peanut butter whisky that they’re having trouble keeping in stock.

The wings at Saints helped put them on the map

Gilmore says raucous atmosphere aside, he’s proud of each and every dish that goes out at Saints Pub + Patio. “We’re not going for a Michelin star—even though we could,” Gilmore laughs. “We’d probably win it based on our charred wings. Not. Even. Kidding.”

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