By The Numbers: Unicorn Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director Cynthia Levin

Levin and her dog Zia Levin-Gil (who is the official Unicorn Theatre Safety Coordinator). Photo Credit: Manon Halliburton

Out of all the By The Numbers we’ve done, we doubt we’ve found a more by-the-numbers kinda person than Cynthia Levin, the stalwart producing artistic director for the Unicorn Theatre. The no-nonsense Levin has been creating behind-the-scenes magic for nearly 40 (no, that’s not a typo) years. She was the perfect foil for our insipid query. We’re pretty sure she gave our mindless questions a round of applause. (Okay, maybe a golf clap.)

The Unicorn Theatre is located at 3828 Main Street in KC, MO.
Cynthia Levin, Producing Artistic Director, Unicorn Theatre

Year Unicorn Theatre opened to the public? December 1974. We’re celebrating our 45th anniversary.

Years you’ve been ruling the roost at Unicorn: Started in June 1979, took over in December 1982.

Shows you’ve produced under your watch: 265

Number of times you’ve gotten butterflies on opening night: 265 times.

Venus in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert: The Musical

Most consecutive nights of sold out shows: 24—Priscilla Queen of The Desert: The Musical.

Longest performance at Unicorn: 3 hours—Angels in America.

Number of actors who went on to celeb status after Unicorn show: Countless. Arliss Howard, Nathan Darrow, James Yaegashi and Kelly McAndrew to name a few. 

Bright Ideas with Katie Gilchrist & Nathan Darrow

Average price of Unicorn ticket when you started: $5

Number of times people have misspelled theatre as theater: A million.

Number of spotlights in the theatre: 200 theatrical instruments 

Biggest donation the Unicorn has ever received: $200,000 courtesy of Norge Jerome

Show with the longest run: 8 weeks, 47 performances—Falsettoland

Number of props in the props closet? Again, a million.

Number of times an actor has forgotten a line: Another million.

Average number of rehearsals before a performance opens: 3 weeks.

Biggest cast: 14 + on stage with a band of 5—Priscilla Queen Of The Desert: The Musical.

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