13 Tweets That Describe How We Felt Watching the Chiefs Slay the Bills

If you’re still reeling from last night’s game, we’ve found it comforting to bond with other Chiefs fans about the number of near heart attacks we experienced during those last 13 seconds of the fourth quarter.

Kansas City (and the rest of the United States) showed up on Twitter with their best reactions to the absolute nail-biter we watched as the Chiefs inched ahead of the Bills.

Here are 13 of the top tweets from last night—one for every second we spent majorly stress eating.

We thought the Rams and Buccaneers game was a wild ride—the Chiefs proved us very, very wrong.

The back-and-forth of the probability of a win was too much.

And this is just about how we all reacted.

But we never should have doubted our powerhouse of a team.

We’re still trying to process that game if we’re being totally honest.

It was a game no Kansas City fan will ever forget—especially now that this is the fourth year in a row the Chiefs have made it to the AFC Championship!

And of course, Patrick Mahomes was as modest as ever.