The Clubhouse Experience: A Perfect, New Downtown Getaway For Gamers and Golfers

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Have you heard about the new Clubhouse Experience that’s opening downtown? If you’re a big kid, this place is like the mother ship calling you home. It’s true. The enterprise is putting the finishing touches on their impressive, new e-tainment venue—the first of its kind in the United States.

For gamers and golfers, it will be an oasis in the heart of the metro—one that features six Topgolf Swing Suite bays and two official-length indoor shuffleboard courts. Add a wide variety of simulated games—ranging from hyper-realistic hockey, baseball, and football challenges to a fun dodgeball match with virtual zombies—and it’s destined to be the perfect afterwork (or perhaps during work) getaway. “The whole place is built around having fun,” says CMO Dan Gedman. “It’s where big kids play during the week and the suburbs will play on the weekend.”

For foodies, however, it’s destined to be a mecca for some phenomenal farm-to-table fare. Gedman should know—he’s a self-proclaimed “food dork.” He promises people will come for the cuisine and keep coming back for the chance to get your game on. With a killer lunch and dinner menu that includes seafood, pork, lamb, beef, as well as regional produce, the place is a carnivore’s paradise. When we checked out the menu, we discovered contemporary dishes such as Korean Fried Chicken, Charred Broccolini & Prosciutto Flatbread, and Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin.

Gedman says he could literally eat TCE’s Kansas City Reuben every single day. “It’s our take on a traditional Reuben but with burnt ends. It’s absurdly good,” he says. “Not to be outdone though, we offer several unbelievably tasty salads, too. I might need to eat a few after eating our Reubens for the past few weeks,” he says, laughing.

Designed from the ground up here in the metro, The Clubhouse Experience already has its sights set on venues in Denver and Philadelphia. “Ours is the first of its kind, but our plan is to have five of them open by the end of 2020,” says Gedman. Ex-Applebee’s CEO and current TCE CEO/President Dave Goebel was instrumental in getting the (golf) ball rolling. “Without him, this whole endeavor would not be going as well as it is,” Gedman says.

Now the race is on to get everything squared away before the Clubhouse opens its doors to a very eager public on September 27th. “There’s tons of buzz,” says Gedman. “We’re getting a ridiculous amount of interest in hosting upcoming corporate events. People want to know when they can schedule their holiday parties.”

A spacious covered courtyard greets guests before they even enter. “It’s the perfect hangout area,” says Gedman. Once inside, the interior will have an aquarium-esque quality to it. “You can see the activity and excitement of folks playing games on our giant interactive screens,” he says. “Personally, I’m excited to play golf 12 months out of the year. And there are 81 different courses to choose from, too.”

TCE is the perfect place for corporate parties and team-building events, as well as other customizable gatherings—from two to 250 people. “Ultimately, we’ll be a high-end dining experience—perfect for wooing clients,” says Gedman. “The games are a bonus. I mean, if you have to go to a meeting, you might as well have fun, right?”

Right now, Gedman is just excited to get the doors open and to dazzle the city with everything TCE brings to the table. “Foodies will love it. Golfers will love it. Anyone who lives or works downtown will love it,” he says. “Everybody is excited.”


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