Dinosaurs Revealed Exhibit at Union Station Seeing Record-Breaking Attendance

Turns out the dinos aren’t the only thing roaring at Union Station—so is attendance. The popular prehistoric exhibit—which opened on June 30th—has been going gangbusters from its very first week. Attendance recently surpassed 50,000 guests—with no signs of slowing down. “In those first 10 days,15,000 guests came through our doors to take this unforgettable journey. Now that we have surpassed the 50,000 mark so quickly, it’s very likely Dinosaurs Revealed will set total attendance records,” says George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO.

The exhibition has some well-known local ties. It was developed in partnership with the University of Kansas Paleontological Institute and the University of Missouri – Kansas City’s school for geosciences and paleontology. Visitors coming through the doors will experience a fascinating, hands-on journey through 200 million years of history to encounter dinosaurs that once roamed North America and were discovered at world-famous geologic-dig sites, primarily in the western United States.

But the real star(s) of the show? The 26 like-life and life-size animatronic dinosaurs that continue to illicit plenty of jaw-dropping oohs and aahs from guests. With buzz continuing to be strong, Union Station is promising updated programming and curriculum throughout the next few months as repeat business builds momentum.

The last time Union Station had an exhibition that hit 50,000 in the first month? It was the beloved “Diana: A Celebration” exhibit back in 2011 that featured a slew of Princess Diana’s tiaras and gowns on display—including her legendary royal wedding dress. The dress was the crown jewel of the show (pun intended)—and was considered by many to be one of the most famous dresses of the 20thcentury. With its fast and furious pace, barring an unanticipated meteorite strike, Dinosaurs Revealed could ultimately rival Diana’s attendance numbers.

Praise is due to Union Station not only for having their finger on the pulse of the public’s appetite for everything dinosaurs, but for the fact that this is their first self-produced exhibition. Numbers have been so impressive that there are discussions of taking the tour to other cities once it closes in Kansas City.

“Now that we’re seeing the record number of early visitors and volume of positive feedback, it’s certain that audiences around the country will be equally enthusiastic,” says Jerry Baber, Union Station executive vice president and COO. “It’s a remarkable story around a topic that absolutely fascinates young and old alike. We’re very excited to see where this all goes!”

Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America” is a limited engagement. To purchase tickets in advance and for other details, please visit unionstation.org.

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