By The Numbers: IN Kansas City’s One Year Anniversary!

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary around the hallowed halls of IN Kansas City, we thought it only proper to do a “By The Numbers” on all of our achievements, accomplishments and accolades. (insert golf clap here)

A big shout-out to all of you—our ever-present readers—for helping our company become a stark-raving success—everything from the magazine to the website to our social media channels. Our lifestyle content has become what we’re known for and what we take pride in.

Here’s a random look back at all the stats that are fit to print, so to speak:

Number of magazines published: 13

Number of unique peeps to visit our website: 319,579

Number of countries who have visited our website: 176 (We’re big-HUGE in Canada! Our neighbors to the north love us.)

Number of photo shoots: 105 (whew, that’s a lot of shutter clicks)

Number of contributing photographers: 10

Number of contributing writers: 33

Number of Tim Finn concert reviews: 43 (His fave? Beck. The most read? Fleetwood Mac.)

Number of original digital articles published: 1,387

Most read online article: 6,600+ hits — Five Things You Don’t Know About Me: Cartoonist Brian Gordon

Longest magazine article: 2,555 words—Troost Renaissance: Revitalization or Gentrification? Or Can It Be Both? (Also, one of our most shared articles as well.)

Total magazine pages published: 1,714

Fowl Language cartoonist Brian Gordon

Most shared article: Five Things You Don’t Know About Me: Cartoonist Brian Gordon
Second most shared article: Guy Fieri Set To Open His New KCP&L Taco Restaurant Next Month

Number of celebs we’ve interviewed: 22 (Shout out Paul Rudd! Shout out Jane Fonda! Shout out Queer Eye boys! Shout out, Don Cheadle!)

Number of times Andrew Dice Clay %&^$# swore in our %*&^%$# interview with him2,492,666—give or %&^$# take.

Number of professional wrestlers we’ve profiled: 1 — Niles Plonk. (And he’s a villain!)

Number of show reviews courtesy of our theater critics Lonita Cook and Brandon Tietz: 22 (Lonita’s fave? KC Ballet’s West Side Story. Brandon’s fave? Book of Mormon.)

Number of sponsored events: 48. (We see you Kansas City Fashion Week! Hey there, Bloom! Cheers, Kemper Gala! Bring it on, Bra Couture!)

Number of advertising partners: 241

Number of This Week In Kansas City e-newsletters: 53 (That’s 5,356,290 emails, but who’s counting?)

Biggest seller: Natch! Our first edition! Sold out!

We love you, Kansas City. Thanks for loving us right back! Please feel free to follow us on our various channels—including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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