Brady Legler and Dan Vanderhoof in a Combined Exhibition

The Second Day, by Brady Legler

It’s the rare artist who requests what the patrons of his or her art opening should wear, but designer and artist Brady Legler—who is showing, with painter Dan Vanderhoof, a combined exhibition, Chromatic Connection, at the Eva Reynolds Fine Art Gallery through August—is not sheepish about asking his audience to wear blue to the event. Blue is, after all, his color of choice: “For some people, it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, truth, and heaven. For me, blue means hope and optimism.”

Faded Star, by Dan Vanderhoof.

Legler, a Kansas City native who now lives in New York, and Vanderhoof, a Californian now living in Kansas City, see the power of a bold color palette as a mood changer for almost everyone. Hopefully, during the show’s run, a generous mood, as a percentage of his sales go to the Speak UP Foundation for prevention and education about teen suicide.